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Visual Design / User Interface / User Experience / Interaction Design / Responsive Web Design / Front-end Development / Branding & Identity

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Janice Ducate

Working largely as a freelancer for the last ten years, I've come to occupy multiple disciplines within graphic design. My happy zone is a combination of problem solving and visual exploration. These days I solely work on digital products, mostly websites, though my foundation is in print. As for aspirations, product design roles are my north star, delving into the likes of app design and enterprise software.    

I’ve garnered experience in various sectors including consumer brands, luxury goods, fashion, technology, finance, B2B and non-profits. I enjoy collaborating on multi-disciplinary teams and taking necessary risks that lead to thoughtful and interesting works of value.

I balance my time in front of a monitor with personal creative work that has a tactile nature, such as collage, printmaking, figurative drawing and painting. Jivamukti yoga and noodling around on my guitarlele are my other passions.